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When I first started at Cerner I was working on the Consulting Framework Team, which consisted of several internal in-house developed tools. One of which is the Value Tracker platform. The purpose is pretty self explanatory. It is designed to integrate into our other tools/platforms across the enterprise and connect with our clients to help present measurable metrics for their projects. The design below is a complete over-haul of the application, and it’s code base. It was built in an older javascript framework but refactored to use React. My goal was to utilize the Cerner CDN (Design Standard Components) and bring it a modern look and feel.

I worked with various stakeholders to gather requirements while working through our end user sessions to sort through scenarios, pain points and build out enhancements that both our internal associates and clients wanted to see without the depreciation of any functionality.  I was given the opportunity to move to a new project just as development was underway, I had to hand off this project to another designer but the design has carried onward and all modules of this application suite has followed suit.

Project Details

Date: June 11, 2019

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