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Quality Hill Play House

Lead Developer – Website – UI/UX – Calendar and show/ticketing functionality. Integration with their sales platform.

Frankie Farelanes Fastish Food

Lead Developer – Front and back end CMS integration for easy menu changes and image swaps. By the way – their food is delish.

TradeWind Energy

Lead Developer – Installed and integrated the live wind data map on the site. Pulling live data from Global Forecast System- using a Grib2Json utility.

Curse Gaming

Market Research – Ad Campaign – Spent time working with Curse Gaming to develop a brief ad campaign to drive more conversion for their online gaming extensions platform.


Developer – Design – Website – UI/UX – Development of entire site/systems and integration. Ecommerce solution and business planning.

Lexus Preowned OEM

Designer – UI/UX – Lexus Preowned OEM dealership sites design. Designed the new web interface during my time at VinSolution.

Pathfinder Health Innovations

New project, helped maintained their old site now in development for a new web solution. Using the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

LikeMe Lighthouse

Volunteer work – website maintenance and some graphical work. LikeMe Lighthouse is the LGBT community center in the KC Metro Area.

Validity Screening

Lead Developer – Website – UI/UX – Full service website – built on a CMS for their informational videos platform.

KCRace Day

Lead Developer – Fully digitized the city race permitting process and created a calendar API for the other city websites. (KCEventHub and KCMO Parks)

KC Street Car

Lead Developer  – Leveraging Google, Twitter and Instagram API’s to enhance the site with rich interactivity and keeping the new age traveler up to date on whats happenin’ on the line.


CTO – Lead the charge in all technical, graphical and collateral needs. I built the brand – website and overall company image. Print – T-shirts – letter heads – web sites and player profiles for twitch and social media.

INN - Imperial News Network

INN – A news network for the Star Citizen community. I am one of their many content contributors and recently created a commercial spot for them. Tool kit – Adobe CC – AE – PS – PR

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