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Over the past year, my largest personal achievement was building and launching my very own web application. I own and operate http://tanktracker.app which is a custom-built web app using WordPress as a base framework, to track aquarium parameters and livestock. I started the vision of this application several years ago and spent the better part of 2018 building it and deploying it.

TankTracker is a free, fully supported app. Well by one person for now (me). But the philosophy is that this is not only a tool for you to have a healthier tank, but a healthier and more rich experience within the community. Be engaged with other fish fanatics just like you. Did we mention, this is all free? No catch, promise.

I went through at least a half of dozen if not more iterations of the design before finally landing on something I liked that was simple to use from both a desktop and mobile perspective. I was trying to debate if I wanted to build this out on a newer JS framework or not, I am in the process of learning React however as I am still getting up to speed I wanted to get my product to market as soon as I could. It has consistent use today and is growing everyday. I am just happy I made something that people are using!

Check it out at https://tanktracker.app

I am also still working through enhancements and new features to be added. One of the next big features I wanted to add was a genealogy tracking feature for fish and aquatic life breeders/propagators. This would be huge for those creating specific lines of shrimp, bettas or coral. This is in an early concept phase.

Project Details

Date: April 7, 2019

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